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The ILL DJ has been called the musical misfit, the illmatic addict, the master of the perfect blends, and the original ass shaker maker.


The Following is what The ILL DJ has sent us about himself, from how and why he started out to where he is today. Here at Souljuice we thought it was best left in its original form, than to start adjusting it to as if we wrote it about him. ( We hope you agree )

I am representing DETROIT , Michigan until I no longer exist.

I started out DJing with a pair of Gemini 4700 DJ CD players in 1997.

The reason I started spinning is because of necessity. I was living in South Carolina , and met one of the hottest DJs (DJ Brick). He got me hooked on the way he mixed. Then he moved to a different state. Since I couldn't shake my ass to his mixes, I would create my own! I was making mixx tapes for me and my peeps and practicing like crazy. It took almost a year for me to gain the skillz and confidence to actually play in public. I made some mistakes, and some nice blends back then. I was getting some decent gigs, so I decided to upgrade my CD players and sound equipment. 4 years later, and guess who I ran into..DJ Brick. I moved to Seoul , South Korea and Brick had been in the area for a few months. True to form, Brick was already blowin up the spot. He had no idea that I had taken up the craft. He soon found out. He would support me at most of my shows, and he let me get down on his 1200s from time to time. (Remember I was still using CD players). Brick left me again, and I was stuck with the vinyl bug. I put my CD players on the back burner, invested in some Technics, and it was on! I left Korea a few months later. I landed in Japan , and hit the ground running. Within 2 weeks of being in Tokyo , I had my first gig. The response was tremendous. I was spinning straight vinyl at least 1 per week. Sometimes I was DJing 3-4 times per week. I couldn't get enough of Japan , and Japan couldn't get enough of The ILL one. But, all good things must come to an end. It was time for me to uproot again. Now I am living in Rapid City , South Dakota . Don't let the name fool you, there is nothing rapid about this city. I manage to keep myself busy by adding another ability under my belt. I was strictly a club and party DJ. Now The ILL DJ has entered into the realm of the mobile DJ. I am booked 4 months in advance for corporate parties, school dances, and wedding receptions. Not only am I behind the 1's and 2's making hip hop heads dance to the ILL mixxes, I've also making brides and CEOs C-walkin the dance floor. Things keep getting better for The ILL DJ. Be on the look out for new thing, and thank you for all your support.

Shout outs to my biggest influences in the game: DJ Brick, Doo Wop, DJ Juice, DJ Noize,
P-Trix, A-Trak and D
J Q-Bert.
Those are the baddest DJ's.........................................................................Ever!

Clubs played at:
The Mustang Club, The Challenger Club, Club Korea, Club Roots, Room 806, Disco Eddies, Spectrum, La Fabrique, Big Echo, J-Flexx, Mojito, Area, NB, Room 806, BZ-Jointz, Dakotas, Venue 8, The Imperial, Ramkoda, Classics, Rushmore Civic Center, Stagetop and Hot 93.1.

Mix cd's
The ILL DJ has numerous mix cds for sale with his very own style of mixing. Below is the artwork for some of his discs. At present we do not stock The ILL DJ mix cd's but if we get enuff enquiries for them we will arrange with him to keep a stock. Because of the distance involved and the cost of postage it does not make sense unless we get enuff people wanting them. I have heard one of his mixes a few years back and they are well worth the money. We will try and get some track listings from him to give you and idea of his style.




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