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DJ Jepi started djing and mixing in 1982, making pause mixes on his hifi for a number of breakdancing crews of the time. His first experience on radio started in 1991 on Sunset Radio, working mixes for a number of dj's, ,Jepi at the time didn't have samplers, sequencers etc to create his mixes, he just used a four track real to real and two technics decks, but he created some of the all time classic mixes .
Since then Jepi has worked on a number of radio stations including Kiss fm / Galaxy fm / Soul Nation / Buzz fm / North Soul but to name a few, he now is working mixes on Key 103 and has been asked to mix for Kiss 100 in london plus hosts his own show on Skratchlab radio. DJ Jepi's has remixed for a number of record companies and artists such as Nas / Beatnuts / Zhane / Mc Lyte and continues to this day.



Legal Stations
Pirate Stations
Mixes Played On
Sunset 102fm, Manchester
Buzz 88fm, Manchester
BO 1993-Soulnation
Kiss 102fm, Manchester
Soulnation 104.6fm, Manchester
BO 1999-Galaxy/Northsoul/Buzz
Key 103fm, Manchester
Northsoul 107.9fm, Manchester
BO 1997-Galaxy
Galaxy radio network
Sting 103.6fm, Manchester
Storm FM
Power 106fm, Manchester
BO 1995-Soulnation/Kiss
Extreme FM
Frontline Radio Soul 100.4, Manchester
BO 1994-Soulnation
BO 2002-ALL FM


Remixes used on DISCO MIX CLUB dj remix service:
Issue 218: Nas - Aint hard to tell
Issue 220: Hi Jack - The badman is robbin
Issue 223: QB Finest - Ochiee wally
Issue 225: Mc Lyte - Ruff neck
Issue 226: Zhane - Hey mr dj
Issue 227: Beatnuts - Off thye books
Other remixes include: Mary J Blige / Angie Stone / Missy Elliott / Whitney Houston / Chante Moore / Eminem, sadly DMC was unable to gain clearance for these tracks.

Interesting Facts

1. DJ Jepi was a finalist with a dj crew called Hidden Identity in the 1993 UK Mixing finals.
2. DJ Jepi brought out first mix tape in 1990.
3. The most tracks DJ Jepi has used in a mix is 125 in 23 minutes.



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